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Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society
Chinese Society of Nephrology
European Dialysis and Transplant Society
European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
Indian Society of Nephrology
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International Society of Nephrology
National Kidney Foundation
Sociedade Latino-Americana de Nefrologia

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Research Coordinators
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Electronic Databases
High capacity freezers for sample storage
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Do you routinely perform urine analysis (including urine chemistries) when patients develop AKI?

Do you routinely obtain a renal ultrasound when you diagnose AKI?

Would you be able to obtain limited (one page) information on ALL patients admitted to your ICU during a 2 week period of your choosing (period must be consecutive)?

Would you be able to provide hospital follow up information on all AKI cases (dialysis requirements, LOS, survival)? And obtain overall LOS and survival information for patients (mean data) for all patients treated in your ICU?

Would you be able to obtain more detailed information (limited to 5 pages total) on the risk factors and etiology of AKI as well as its treatment?


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